Today, many consumers on debt management plans want to stay ahead of the game and have real-time access to what is going on with their plan for debt resolution.  Responding to consumer demands, many debt management companies are now providing a secure online information hub that stores all the details of their accounts.  Consumers can check up on how their plan is progressing.  Specifically, consumers can:

  • Keep track of all payment and balances
  • View arrangements and payments to lenders
  • Order prepaid envelopes to forward creditor letters
  • Check messages and post
  • Check which creditors have frozen or reduced interest

With today’s technology, this is really a service that has been a long time in the waiting.  Finally, financial service companies are providing their customers with the services one would expect.  On average, consumers on debt management plans have seven unsecured lenders.  Having 24/7 access to their accounts is not only convenient, it’s a direct way to ensure events and accuracy.  In addition to 24/7 access, many financial service companies are also offering SMS text messaging to prompt customers when any information has been updated.  It’s just another way for consumers to stay on top of what’s happening with their debts.

Many debt management companies also provide a place where customers can log on and view a breakdown of the income and expenditures.  It’s all a part of helping their customers on debt management plans manage their money more effectively.  Customers will also find support centers with helpful guides, such as budgeting money, financing a home, improving credit and tips on how to save money.  These guides assist customers even when their debts are paid off.  These financial service companies want to make sure consumers don’t wind up with overwhelming debt again, and provide all the online tools and services to the road of financial stability.  Contact Rescue One Financial to inquire about our debt management services.


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